‘The Expendables 2′ Will Be Rated R

Countless people around the Interwebz were stirred up into a virtual riot (pun intended) in the early goings of 2012, when word got out that The Expendables 2 - a macho action throwback flick that writer/star Sylvester Stallone has described as a “Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing” – was shaping up to be a PG-13 Rated affair, due largely to co-star Chuck Norris objecting to the hardcore language present in Stallone’s script draft.

While Stallone was fairly quick to confirm that rumor as being true rather than the result of a mistranslation, the beefy sexagenarian has since back-peddled on his claim. Sly is now reported as having said that the sequel to The Expendables will indeed be an R-Rated affair, like its predecessor – not to mention the innumerable manly action titles of the 1980s and 90s that both flicks emulate.