"Survivor" Hopefuls Line Up For Casting Call

More than 200 people turned out Monday night for an open casting call for the CBS reality show at Washburn's Memorial Union. People were packed in the hallway outside the ballroom waiting for the doors to open at 5 pm and a steady stream continued through the 7 pm ending time.

Among those in the early crowd was Dan Foley, who drove more than 20 hours from Maine to take part. Foley says he's attended six of the open casting calls because he believe "Survivor" would be the ultimate experience. He says the $1 million prize is nice, but he'd do it even without the money.

Other hopefuls traveled from New Jersey, Texas and other states.

Survivor hopefuls recorded one-minute segments, trying to prove to producers they deserve a shot to outwit, outplay and outlast. Despite the advice often repeated to simply be yourself, there was no shortage of face paint and props.

Survivor Guatemala winner Danni Boatwright of Tonganoxie was on hand to meet people at Monday's event, along with Yve Rojas, who competed in Nicaragua, and Lori DelliColli from CBS marketing.

DelliColli says the show's producers have, in fact, found several contestants from the open casting calls. Among them was Brandon Bellinger of St. George, Kansas, who competed on Boatwright's tribe in Guatemala. She was among those giving the "be yourself" advice, saying producers will see right through people who aren't genuine.

Survivor is currently in its 24th season. It airs at 7 pm Wednesday nights on WIBW-TV.