Julianna Margulies Is a 'Stand Up Guy'

Julianna Margulies may be earning rave reviews these days for "The Good Wife" -- she's won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as lawyer Alicia Florrick, just for starters -- but she first rose to fame on the long running medical drama "ER." So old school Margulies fans are in for a special treat today, as Deadline is reporting that Margulies is heading back to the hospital for the upcoming Al Pacino flick "Stand Up Guys."

Nurse Carol Hathaway, report to the emergency room, stat.

"Stand Up Guys," which is scheduled to begin shooting next month, stars Pacino and Alan Arkin as a pair of elderly hitmen who decide to "have one last night of wildness before one has to murder the other." Described as an "action dramedy," whatever the heck that is, the movie also co-stars Christopher Walken, so we expect there will be some deranged humor involved as well.

And that's actually where Margulies apparently comes in, because Deadline describes her role as "Arkin’s daughter Lila who works as a nurse in the hospital and takes care of Al Pacino when he OD’s on Viagra."