Al Pacino is back!

Clearly believing that Sly Stallone should not have the market cornered on older blokes doing action stuff, Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken have all signed on to star in Stand Up Guys.

The film, which formerly warned kids off its lawn under the name Old Timers, follows two aging criminals facing a big day the following morning: one of them must kill his friend. They decide to go out for one last night of debauchery, which involves visiting a brothel, stealing some cars and escaping a police pursuit. But they also take a little time to reflect on their lives. Because, you know, no action comedy is complete without that bit.

Noah Haidie wrote the original version of the script, and Fisher Stevens – yes, the one from Short Circuit, who is these days an Oscar winner thanks to producing dolphin doc The Cove – will call the shots this April in LA.

Pacino, who last showed up in (shudder) Jack And Jill, will next be seen in Wilde Salome and cop drama The Son Of No One. Arkin just finished work on Ben Affleck’s true-life thriller Argo and Walken next has Dark Horse awaiting release.