American Idol Audition

Exactly one month after crowning Phillip Phillips as Season 11's "American Idol," the hit television series is once again on the hunt for the next singing superstar. The auditions' fourth stop drew more than 5,000 hopefuls to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on Saturday, all with dreams (or delusions) of hearing those four life-changing words: "You're going to Hollywood!"

Among the hopefuls "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, who was confident in Seasons 12's success.

"We actually now realize we don't know what we're going to find, and that makes for the best season," Seacrest said. "When we set out to find something specifically it doesn't work out as well, so when we don't know it usually works out best."

Although the show set its sights for nothing particular, many of the singers in attendance knew exactly what they had to offer the show.

"I'm someone like Beyoncé," declared 23-year-old Princess Jeanbart. "I'm a go-getter and I know what I want and this is what I'm here for."

Also secure in her coming audition was Gonenc Eddy. "I have a very soulful sound, very old fashioned," the 26-year-old said. "You don't hear me too often. I'm not on the radio."

Even though the arena was filled with optimism, 19-year-old Andrew Gasparre was all too familiar with "Idol" rejection. "This is actually my third time auditioning," he said. "I'm very excited. I've waited all my life, since fifth grade, actually, to do this."

And although this was Daniel Monje's "Idol" debut, the 25-year-old was fully prepared for a disappointing departure. "It doesn't stop here at 'American Idol,' " he said."If this doesn't work out for me, sir, I got to continue on chasing my dream."