Samuel L. Jackson Joins 'Robocop'

Well, this is getting interesting. We haven't exactly been overjoyed about the RoboCop remake (we're not really against it either) but the talent being put together for the film by MGM is getting pretty impressive.

Rising star Joel Kinnaman ("The Killing," "Lola Versus") has landed the lead, with Gary Oldman of all people in a supporting role as well as James Vanderbilt of "Zodiac" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" fame doing a rewrite on the script. Not bad. And now, another distinctive actor is coming on board.

THR reports that Samuel L. Jackson is joining the film, marking the first time he's hung out with Oldman in a film since "True Romance" about 18 years ago (man, that makes us feel old).

As you know, the story follows a cop who -- on the edge of death -- is turned into a cyborg police officer. Oldman will play the guy who helps create RoboCop, with Jackson as "Pat Novak, a charismatic TV mogul and a powerful force in the Robocop world." Charismatic and powerful? Yeah, we think Jackson can handle that.