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A small-town, Midwest girl is determined to make it in Hollywood – and now, with Casting360, her chances of being discovered are one click away. Founded in 2010, Casting360 combines the functionality behind Internet matchmaking with the business needs of entertainment industry professionals. The company’s website,, boasts one of the world’s largest databases of talent. 

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Casting360 is an Internet company dedicated to providing professionals with quick, simple access to extras and talent around the country, as well as a database of directors, filmmakers, and music video producers for the public. Industry professionals such as producers and directors enjoy access to Casting360 free of charge, and they can take advantage of a multitude of tools at their disposal to find and recruit talent. For actors, singers, dancers, and other entertainers searching for roles or casting calls, Casting360 offers its comprehensive services for a monthly fee.

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With feedback from accomplished entertainment industry professionals and state-of-the-art Internet technology, Casting360 created the 21st-century answer to the traditional casting process to find performers for a particular project. Launched in 2010, the casting website has struck a chord; now, there are more than 1 million users in the United States. Casting360’s ingenious program allows casting directors and other industry professionals to communicate and connect with actors, models, singers, dancers, musicians, and other performers of all ages, types, and locations. 

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Serving both the entertainment industry professionals and the talent, Casting360 offers a wide array of services to not only provide extras and actors with work, but also create a network for the industry to rely on when placing background performers and extras. Built using the actual feedback and needs of entertainment industry professionals, Casting360 carries distinction in connecting filmmakers, directors, producers, casting directors, and photographers to a large selection of models, actors, and entertainers.

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Casting360 occupies a vital niche in the entertainment industry. By connecting talent with entertainment producers, Casting360 helps provide actors with regular work and enables producers to cast their production quickly and effectively. The company was designed around the feedback from industry insiders; thus, Casting360 answers their call for a more effective and efficient means of finding entertainment talent. The firm allows casting directors to talk in real time with potential hires and provides a multitude of tools for searching out ideal candidates.

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When producers are in need of performers for a project, they frequently turn to Casting360, understanding that the company offers some of the Internet’s best tools for finding new talent. Searching for actors, models, singers, and dancers can be time-consuming and laborious, but Casting360 makes the process simple, practical, and effective. There are over 1 million U.S. users on, which means that producers have an enormous and diverse group of professionals from which to choose.

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With a database of over 1 million members and numerous effective communication tools, Casting360 has become one of the Internet’s primary sources for talent and jobs in the entertainment world. Dancers, singers, actors, models, and musicians can now search directly for producers working on projects in their area. By paying a monthly fee, they can set up an online portfolio complete with headshots, audio and video clips, and more to assist entertainment professionals in finding them.

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Recently nominated for a WebAward, Casting360 has set a new standard for casting websites by offering unprecedented innovation and usefulness. Casting360 makes it easier than ever to connect industry professionals such as producers and casting directors with the talent they seek. Producers can access Casting360’s million-member database for free and send out alerts about casting calls and new projects in a matter of minutes.

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